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Are You Tired of Buying Courses and Products that Under Deliever? or Worse never Worked to Start with? Are you Ready for something so Different, We are Hesitant to even Share it! My Partner says we Should. So better Decide before I ,(He) comes to his senses

I hope that everyone takes notice... of the value of this group. There are things that we assume or do
innocently that can get us in trouble, and someone with more experience can help us by drawing to our attention the error in our thinking.
I LOVE this group for being so open and helpful! I just finished putting together a white paper to give to my prospects
when Gary teaches us the new email system. After 3 months my son's case study on the first GMB I ever used what Gary Teaches and Patrick lets not Leave him Out!, so the Resluts drum roll Please......
 now rank in the Google 3-Pack for 29 keywords. They rank #1 for hard keywords like "dentist", "dental Implants", "dentist near me" and so on.
That would not have happened if it weren't for Patrick, Gary, and everyone in this group!!!
What you teach does work.

The Authority Quad Stack Amplifier makes the Quad stack, Like Nitro for the Race track and everyone Else is Using Reg Unleaded Gas. No Words do it Justice and you have to see the Results yourself to Believe what you are Seeing....

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  • Quad stack Uses special Google Properties like the Calendar
  • Quad stack also applies the Top 4 Authority sites on the Web
  • WE cross Link different Accounts to Max the Authority 
  • No Competitor can match your Authority, No Not Even Close
  • You will not find any of these's Methods Taught by any Guru, Course or in any Software any where Perriod.

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Other Courses and Softwares Tend to be a RE-Hash of something they "Barrowed" from someone else Repackaged and then Sold to You as Original Stuff..Imagine that, Time to Move on To something Fresh, Original and works Like a Finely Oiled Machine our Report Card is Your Success for Real. 

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  • Product Main Benefit #1 - Rank with Out Resistance
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So I started stacking events for one of my books on amazon two days ago. Just checked the Best Seller Rank and I'm up 25,000 spots
I keep it simple. On the first event I use the link to the actual product. On the next event I only use the link to the previous event.
I'm going 10 deep and am thinking I may go in every day and add one more event, so going a little deeper each day"

Randy Van Ittersum, 2:34 PM
I just want to share some results I've gotten in the last week using the POI and Backlink Factory together
for my daughter-in-law who's a criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids MI. She started her GMB listing at #5 on page 5,
and after one week we moved her to #2 on page 3. I couldn't believe it when I first checked it out.-

Proof is in the Pudding, we have the real deal and we can Provide even more but it woulkd get Boring and Monotonus from Here. But I think you get the Point, I will Leave you with One more Image Our Fabulos Brenda Following some well Thought Out Guidenance Increased her Revenue 40% over last Year and Durring a Pandemic!

  • Product Benefit #1 - Rank without Resistance
  • Product Benefit #2 - Total Dominace in all Niches
  • Product Benefit #3 -Move GMB's Easily and at will
  • Product Benefit #4 - Local Clients will Love Your Work...
  • Product Benefit #5 - Have an Edge that Competitors will not understand or track
  • Product Benefit #6 - Time to Make what you want and when You Want it
  • And Many More ..."if you Choose a 

Offer Some Special Bonuses For FREE!

To increase the value of your product, you can add some additional bonuses for FREE. Something companion with your main product. Maybe like training videos, free access to another product of yours, members-only forum, etc. And importantly, you have to offer a support or help desk for your customers.

Tell Them The Price Of Your Product

First, you can recap what they will get when they purchase by listing your main product and all the bonuses. Give your main product and each bonus a value. Calculate all the values to obtain the total values. For example:

Main Product

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4








Based on the total values above, you can let them know that you can easily sell your product for about $400 - $600 because you already spend so much money and time in developing the product. However, you can tell them that you won't charge them for that price. In fact, you won't charge them even for $200 (which is less then a half of the total value).

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 $97 if they act fast. You can use a scarcity tactic by letting them know that you will increase the price in x days later, or you will close the offer in x days from now.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

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